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Tech-Forschung, Kundenbetreuung, Fundraising-Beratung? Bei betterplace sind noch Stellen offen!

Tech-Forschung, Kundenbetreuung, Fundraising-Beratung? Bei betterplace sind noch Stellen offen!

Aktuelle Jobangebote

Die Chance, etwas zu verändern, bringt Deine Augen zum Leuchten? Stark! Wir sind aus dem gleichen Holz geschnitzt. Du bist auch noch verdammt gut in dem, was Du machst? Großartig! Vielleicht suchen wir gerade genau Dich – einen richtig schlauen Kopf mit Ambitionen und dem Herz am richtigen Fleck.

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There we are

So now, seems that I only write in here when moving house or on such occasions. Which at least means that there is an update every now and then, and another occasion has arrived.

In the last few weeks Ingrid and I have been busy moving into our new home in the district of Mitte (which is, litterally, in the middle of Berlin). We’re still quite amazed with the place, just a few minutes walk from the busy Alexander square, in a quiet zone just off the busiest streets and close to work for everyone.

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Ich bin ein Berliner

A lot of stuff has happened since I last posted here – most importantly, I am no longer living in Italy. Three weeks ago, I took my stuff and moved up to Berlin (yes, the one in Germany). Currently Ingrid just has a tiny room here, and we’re in the process of looking for a proper place to live. Which means that the new address and stuff will be coming up soon, for those to whom it may concern.

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Spraeken English…

Fun how the internet can give you a first-hand look at what’s going on in the world. Take our foreign minister to-be, Guido Westerwelle: You can find this video how he refuses to speak English to an British reporter at his press conference.

If you check the press, they will talk a lot about if he can speak the language or not. Conservative paper “Die Welt” talks about that he needs to speak his mother tongue to get the nuances right. I almost fell of my chair.

Get it straight: The problem isn’t that he refused to speak English. The problem is that he couldn’t refuse without looking like an arse and, above all, that he was completely unable to answer a simple question, even in his mother tongue.

Please Guido, grow up. Until now, here in Italy, these little videos were always about Silvio. But watch this video of Berlusconi, where he insults the German MP Schulz and the entire European parliament, and compare it. This was one of the most outrageous moments of his career (well, one of many). But at least, while coughing up all this horseshit, he manages to not appear lobotomized. Sigh.

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