New Design Again

As I found out that my old WP template broke in all places, even killing the comment function. I spent some of my lunch break searching for a clean one – thanks for ThemeShift for making this one available for free.

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Here I go again

A new format again: Developers seem to rather create their own blogs than using some “community” thing, so that didn’t quite work out. The Mambo software didn’t exactly offer the functionality required for this site, and was causing trouble

So I threw the old thing out. And now? This page will be my personal space for software development-related rants. I wanted to keep this separate from my personal site since, quite frankly, I do have friends that aren’t the least interest in software. (And, on the other hand, software people may not neccessarily be intrigued by my personal affairs…)

Let’s see what we’ve got now: I’ve installed the new software, and downloaded a slick skin which is way cooler than the default wordpress stuff. Everyone is able to leave comments and trackback me – the spam filter I’ve installed will hopefully shield me from most nuisances. Your comment may be held for moderation if the filter thinks it looks fishy, but that’s the only catch.

The articles from the old site have been migrated, loosing only the date stamps. Uli’s articles are still available, though I suppose that he will use his own blog from now on. New users may still register on this site, and, upon review, I may grant you posting rights. (Registering should also make it less likely that your comments are held as spam…)

‘Nuff said. Have Fun.

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