The thing with the umbrellas

There is something particular about Pisa. I don’t think it’s even an Italian thing, just something particular about this city.

When it rains people use umbrellas on their bicycles. They’re driving around, guiding the bike with one hand and holding the umbrella in the other. Of course it doesn’t get very fast that way, but it seems to be an accepted way of moving around…


My good deed for today

Today I learned something new about the Italian tax system: You can actually decide where a (very, very small) part of your taxes actually goes. There’s 0,8% that goes to a church of your choice, or optionally to the state (for public welfare or something).

And 0,5% goes to an organisation of your choice (welfare, emergency relief, this type of thing).


Photo Update and More

So, it’s a while since I posted something here and it’s about time for the first news in this year…


I finally got to sort my digital photo collection and actually put some new ones into the gallery. Now I have to check for a digital print service here in Pisa, to get some on the walls too.

My DSL adventure actually went into a second round as the line deteriorated after a few weeks. It took some phoning with the customer service, and they had to change the lines, but everything seems fine now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Otherwise, work is going on and I’m still changing between Trento and Pisa. Christmas was a major travelfest, but now things should get a bit quieter until, let’s say, Easter 🙂

The Italian is slowly improving, but I hope I can have another course in order to get to the finer points.

DSL and more

Actually, the DSL story ended quickly and happily after I asked my boss to call up Tiscali. They claimed that I “hadn’t been there” when the technician arrived.

However, a new technician quickly called in, and after a week two guys showed up in my kitchen with headphones and little black devices. After ten minutes, they left again “looking for the connector box” and disappeared completely, leaving the little black device behind.

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DSL Adventure

Work is still going well, and after settling in a bit in Pisa, I decided to order a DSL connection to my flat.

I found that the provider Tiscali offers a bare-bones DSL deal, that also removes the need to rent a phone line directly from the Italian Telecom. Ottavia (of my landlord’s family) told me that the phone line in the flat has never been active, so I expected some fun in getting it to work.

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Some more updates

All right, here’s another little update. I’ve actually been quite busy, with some adminstrational stuff to do, and lot’s of travelling.

Two weeks ago I went to Elin’s and Ludwig’s wedding in Stockholm, which was a nice, relaxing weekend in the north. I also went to Bucharest last week for a project workshop. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much opportunity to go out in the city.

Next week, I’ll be in Trento again, and then visit a conference in Innsbruck. It seems my suitcase gets used quite a lot a the moment.

The Italian is also coming along slowly. I’m still not quite the conversationist, but at least I can go to a shop and buy things 😉

Finally, the weather used to be very hot here, but at the moment some cold front moving through, with some thunderstorms, rain, and more bearable temperatures.

More italian

My Italian course finally started, and I’m already able to say important things like “Vado al ristorante stasera”. 😉 Also, the police/city guard called in this morning to finalise my residency application. So I’m two steps closer to getting Pisan now.

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