Looking for Rails People

Here at betterplace we are still looking for Senior and Junior Rails developers. If you’d like to hack away on Web apps in a cool office in a great city, with a great SCRUM team, just send in your CV. Also, feel free to spread the news.

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Assit on GitHub – the gem is back

I while ago I wrote a small ruby library for runtime assertions to use in our projects. While I didn’t use it as heavily as expected, it has been useful in debugging in the beginning. It offers the possibility to include extra runtime checks – even expensive ones – to the code, which can be disabled in production code.

I’ve moved the project to github now, and the gem is not broken anymore. This means that you can

sudo gem install averell23-assit

from gems.github.com. The old gem (assit) is still around on rubyforge for some reason, but it’ll remain on 0.0.3 forever. If you use this, better get the github version (averell23-assit) now.

Evil Apple contd.

As a follow-up on this, Nullriver has now officially declared that Apple banned their application from the App store. The disturbing thing is this part:

We are seeing a lot of similar reports from various developers who’s applications were abruptly removed and banned from the AppStore without any violations of the terms of service.

This behaviour (on part of Apple) is incredibly arrogant and unprofessional, and it discredits the platform for developers. Would you invest in the development of an app if you knew that someone else could later pull it off the market on a whim?

The most amazing thing is how they manage to pull this off – obviously the Mac fanboys are willing to go through anything…

Edit: It continues: Apple also refuses applications for no other reason than that they compete with iTunes. It even stirred up some bad press. Apples solution: Make the rejection letters confidential.

And even more: Seems that email clients aren’t allowed either. Oh, and not only do they want to have the last word on the App Store, but they’ll also rescind your ability to distribute your application by other means.

Between Freedom and Coolness

I love my Mac. It’s slick. I’m almost in line to buy an iPhone (here in Italy it almost makes sense).

Still I admit that Apple, as a company, is probably one of the most evil there is.

This post from Coding Horror sums up some of it: People give up control over their devices, trading it in for a good user experience.

But even if people will flock on the side of coolness instead of freedom: Locking down your customers’ devices is an unacceptable practice and ought to be outlawed.

Update: It seems they can even remotely kill applications from your device. In the, it’s much preferable to have a solution like Nokia/Symbian that is based on technical criteria. It also asks for confirmations of sensitive operations. Apple goes the path of “give us full control, we take care” – after you go through their “review” you can do things like accessing the address book without the user ever noticing.

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Mingle Project Management

In my quest for the perfect project management tool, I tested out Mingle (if you want to see all those features, just browse their site).

It’s a really flexible tool and with the new version it’s really getting close to what we’d need. They got some fresh ideas, a flexible tool and lots of eye-candy. It was even easy to set up. I’d try it for real, if it weren’t for those few big gripes…

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My good deed for today

Today I learned something new about the Italian tax system: You can actually decide where a (very, very small) part of your taxes actually goes. There’s 0,8% that goes to a church of your choice, or optionally to the state (for public welfare or something).

And 0,5% goes to an organisation of your choice (welfare, emergency relief, this type of thing).


Photo Update and More

So, it’s a while since I posted something here and it’s about time for the first news in this year…


I finally got to sort my digital photo collection and actually put some new ones into the gallery. Now I have to check for a digital print service here in Pisa, to get some on the walls too.

My DSL adventure actually went into a second round as the line deteriorated after a few weeks. It took some phoning with the customer service, and they had to change the lines, but everything seems fine now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Otherwise, work is going on and I’m still changing between Trento and Pisa. Christmas was a major travelfest, but now things should get a bit quieter until, let’s say, Easter 🙂

The Italian is slowly improving, but I hope I can have another course in order to get to the finer points.

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