gitcrap again

Didn’t I talk about GitHub already? Didn’t I mention how it breaks down in the most obscure places and how they think being cool is a license to mess with their clients? Well, it just got better: They cut the gem building service. Not only that, but they didn’t know in advance… I’m not impressed.

If they feel something isn’t worth the effort to maintain, phase it out. But these guys obviously cut the services off on a whim, and after the fact they discovered that it’d be too bothersome to bring back. Which means their planning sucks big time, as otherwise someone would have noticed the problem beforehand so they could inform their customers. Even if they make it sound like a fun side project now, the feature was actually used by 8000 people.

And then, there’s the business of “informing” people with a weenie blog post. It wouldn’t have been so hard to send a single email to all users of that service that, um, it had been discontinued? Or am I obliged to follow their blog to be on top of all the newest stunts? On the blog post also note the “we broke it, but you can help someone else fix it” punchline.

In any case, my own gems will be available from github for the while being and when I push a new version they’ll probably go to gemcutter. Follow this blog to be on top of my stunts šŸ˜‰


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