Photo Update and More

So, it’s a while since I posted something here and it’s about time for the first news in this year…


I finally got to sort my digital photo collection and actually put some new ones into the gallery. Now I have to check for a digital print service here in Pisa, to get some on the walls too.

My DSL adventure actually went into a second round as the line deteriorated after a few weeks. It took some phoning with the customer service, and they had to change the lines, but everything seems fine now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Otherwise, work is going on and I’m still changing between Trento and Pisa. Christmas was a major travelfest, but now things should get a bit quieter until, let’s say, Easter 🙂

The Italian is slowly improving, but I hope I can have another course in order to get to the finer points.


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