The Rails Cult from the outside

When I was back for the new year, I (of course) noticed Zed Shaw’s rant about the Rails community. Even the Italian Rails mailing list opened a little thread about it. It seems that the man really had to vent.

Zed is opinionated, and he’s got some balls – which is actually why I contacted him for the Rails to Italy keynote in the first place. After meeting him in person I have to say that he’s a really friendly guy and was fun to have around.

I kind of enjoyed the rant because, hey, it was fun. Maybe that’s me; I also enjoy Gordon Ramsay’s shows because of all the cussing and cursing.

Still, it’s a bit like all this “Emacs vs. Vi” and “Linus vs. Richard” stuff, which is only really interesting to the people involved and some fanboys. If I’d tell my old boss (an excellent coder) that Zed Shaw hates Kevin Clark’s butt, he’d stare at me blankly.

But Zed’s rant addresses some “deeper” points, which get lost a bit.

I’ve been watching the “Rails community” as a newcomer and a kind of an outsider, and as someone who has no big stakes in the whole thing. And other than Zed, I’d not say that Rails is a ghetto. At times it feels more like a cult.


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