DSL and more

Actually, the DSL story ended quickly and happily after I asked my boss to call up Tiscali. They claimed that I “hadn’t been there” when the technician arrived.

However, a new technician quickly called in, and after a week two guys showed up in my kitchen with headphones and little black devices. After ten minutes, they left again “looking for the connector box” and disappeared completely, leaving the little black device behind.

They re-emerged after an hour, with a DSL modem, and confirmed that the little light was blinking. Once I got around to modify the German-type DSL cable, everything worked.

Even the modified German FritzBox did not complain, and so I have internet, VOIP-phone and I even have a landline phone number on the VOIP for incoming calls.

Other than that, I used August (the traditional Italian holiday month) to do some travelling around. I went to see Ingrid, my parents and lately enjoyed the hospitality of my friends in Karlsruhe and around; also Stefan managed to come by for a while.

So all in all I enjoyed a nice summer, and still managed to get some work done.


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