DSL Adventure

Work is still going well, and after settling in a bit in Pisa, I decided to order a DSL connection to my flat.

I found that the provider Tiscali offers a bare-bones DSL deal, that also removes the need to rent a phone line directly from the Italian Telecom. Ottavia (of my landlord’s family) told me that the phone line in the flat has never been active, so I expected some fun in getting it to work.

Signing up on the internet was quite easy (with a little help from colleagues), and ten minutes later I got an email that told me my purchase had been successful. It also said that the activation would take 30 days (in the mean), depending on the need to involve a telecom technician for the activation.

Of course after you sign up, the company will call you to make appointments for the technician and such. This is where the real fun part starts for me, since my Italian is still at a level where such calls are challenging.

First, the next working day after signing up, I got a call to check my identity and address, and I managed to understand that they’d give my mobile number to the technician. Who would call me.

I waited patiently, and after less then a week, I actually got a call from the technician. He wanted to come “tomorrow”, but as I’m in Trento with Ingrid at the moment, he said that he’d call back on Monday.

It seemed like a swift procedure until yesterday, when I got another call from Italy. I managed to figure out that something was “blocked” with my DSL, which has to be taken care of. The technician would call me back in 10 days.

This seems quite weird considering the fact that the line has not even been active yet. Plus, there are at least six parties living at my address and I have no idea how they figured out which line is mine.

Maybe they are now deactivating the phone line of some poor bastard in my house. However, I couldn’t inquire much because of my limited Italian and because hotline personnel can be less than patient – I guess they’re paid by the number of calls or something.

I tried to get a number to call them back, so that I could ask someone to assist me when I’m back in Pisa. It seems that the technician himself is not available for incoming calls, but the Tiscali hotline would be “130”. This seems to be a weird number, and I’m not sure if it can be called from Telecom lines, but I guess I’ll be finding out.

More to come…


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