Some more updates

All right, here’s another little update. I’ve actually been quite busy, with some adminstrational stuff to do, and lot’s of travelling.

Two weeks ago I went to Elin’s and Ludwig’s wedding in Stockholm, which was a nice, relaxing weekend in the north. I also went to Bucharest last week for a project workshop. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much opportunity to go out in the city.

Next week, I’ll be in Trento again, and then visit a conference in Innsbruck. It seems my suitcase gets used quite a lot a the moment.

The Italian is also coming along slowly. I’m still not quite the conversationist, but at least I can go to a shop and buy things 😉

Finally, the weather used to be very hot here, but at the moment some cold front moving through, with some thunderstorms, rain, and more bearable temperatures.


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