Low Cost Peversion

The Ryanair booking process includes at least three “particularities” that cost extra money. That is extra money above the advertised ticket price and the fees and taxes, which are also not included in the price. Of these three, one is practically impossible to avoid.

At first, you’ll have to select how many bags you want to check in. With Ryanair, there’s an extra fee on each baggage item you check in. But if you select “nob bags”, you automatically get “Priority Online Boarding”. The option costs you 3 Euros per flight. If you want to remove it, you have to read through an entire paragraph, find the “Remove” link at the end and click this.

If you clicked that button, a “0 bags” option magically appears in the list. Yes, the option didn’t exist before, and there’s no other way to activate it.

In the next, they have already preselected a quite useless travel insurance. Should you dare to remove this option, you will get a popup warning that it’s a bad thing. Only then are they going to let it slip.

And then you can buy your ticket for the advertised price.

Or almost. They’ll also add an additional “credit card handling” fee – which is a bit funny when credit cards are the only sensible payment option.

Of course, the flights can still be dirt cheap. I could probably back and forth to Karlsruhe (or London) for less than what I’d pay for a train ticket to Ingrid. And that’s despite the fact that train tickets are reasonably priced here in Italy.

Even if I cherish the opportunity to avoid a 12-hour train ride to see my folks at home: If we’re to save that climate, someone better starts taxing that flight fuel.


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