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I’m blogging from the airport again. It seems that these are the place were you’ve got time to spend and you’re not distracted by anything. Anyway, I’m starting to settle in in Pisa; and everybody has been very nice so far.

Federico helped me with most of the administrational stuff: You’ve got to get a tax number, which is required for the work contract and the bank account. The work contract is needed for the permission to live in Italy. And I had to take residency, which is required to register for medical service. Interestingly, before can be properly registered as a resident, a policeman will visit you. Well, not a “proper” policeman, but a member of the “city guard” or something, and he’ll check if you actually live at the address given. Federico waved me through most of this, and he got me to the various offices Italian style: On the back of his scooter.

Last week we started with a kick-off workshop for the development of Talia, which will be our new digital library software. I think it was a good start, even though few things could actually be nailed down, they are starting to take shape.

My Italian still sucks, however. This is a bit annoying, since it severely limits everyday communication on the street. I picked up a few words here and there, but on Wednesday I’ll start with a proper Italian course.

Also, I didn’t get any mail so far, even though I know that a few important letters are on their way from Germany. They should be automatically rerouted from my old address, and I hope this actually works.

Right now I’m coming back from an easter holiday with my parents, which involved lots of food, a bit of rest and some big-city shopping for clothes that may be hard to come by in my size in Italy.


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