Going to Tuscany

I’m writing this at the departure lounge of the Baden-Airpark (using the mightily overpriced WLAN connection). Anyway: The moving to Pisa was successful, and I’m about to leave Germany for real.

Last Saturday we packed everything from my room into the transporter (thanks to my helpers 🙂 and I went down to Ingrid, picking up her bike and a bit more IKEA furniture on the way. We assembled my “home office” things, and I drove on to Pisa after noon, on Sunday.

The drive was smooth, and one of the Net7 guys, Frederico, picked me up at the airport. We went to my new apartment, and afterwards Michele and Frederico invited me for some Pizza at their place, together with their girlfriends. Everyone was really nice, and I enjoyed the evening a lot.

My new apartment (pictures will be coming) includes an air conditioner, kitchen unit and this cool upstairs-bed-place. It’s just a bit short on storage space. Especially since the houses in Pisa tend to have no basement, thanks to the swampy underground.

But after a bit of rearranging I was able to fit in a couple of shelves and my cupboard, and I got most of my things stowed away. The larger items (my own bed, and my desk) went to Michele’s parents, who are so nice as to store them for now.

Rearranging furniture and unpacking took most of the Monday, and on Tuesday it was time to go back to Karlsruhe one more time. At least all but four or five of the boxes are gone now. There still a bit of wiring to do for the television and such, but I am officially moved in.

The ride started with a snowstorm somewhere between La Spezia and Parma. I had to be an expensive pair of snow chains, and the motorway was completely blocked at times. However, when I came down to Parma the snow miraculously disappeared and there were no further troubles.

Karlsruhe also had it’s share of snow, and it was a bit more of saying goodbye, and clearing up a few more things.

Now I’m waiting for the plane to Pisa, and I hope it’s a bit warmer there.


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