Linus and the interface nazis

Linus Torvalds has an opinion on many things. For example, he doesn’t like the gnome window manager. Which is fine with me, but the whole discussion highlights one of the sore points in the open source world.

Basically, Linus’ problem is that the Gnome interface designers intentionally removed certain functions for the sake of usability. Linus didn’t like that, especially the fact that he wasn’t able to configure his mouse buttons:


One thought on “Linus and the interface nazis

  1. Although I completely agree with you that Linus is totally wrong (and, by his attitude, keeps Linux away from “non-geek” users), I want (once again) refer to Joel’s blog post about Simplicity – just to remind that there are good reasons not to remove certain features, even if they are not used by a lot of people. But switching actions to different mouse buttons is not on of them…. 😉


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