FON revisited

Those FON guys now unveiled their complete billing system. And, as if to prove my point from the last post, they included this in their FAQ:

We then reinvest the money from Aliens to subsidize FON Social Routers throughout the world, especially in those areas most affected by the digital divide. This allows us FONeros to roam the earth with greater freedom and for there to be little bit more equality in the world.

Yeah. More equality by subsidising wireless routers to people who can afford broadband Internet connections. Get real.

I really wonder if this is really astroturf, or just silly. Well, at least it’s better than chocking potential customers in online ads, like most ISPs do…

On the pro side, you can now get a subsidized route for just 5 Euros/Dollars. And if you manage to connect to one of the hotspots, it’s dirt cheap: 3 Money units per day.


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