Strange Strangers

When I was planning to move I was looking for a new person to live in my old room. So I put up some web ads and, among others, I got a reply reading something like this:

Am old. But nice. If still, speak to me.

To which I honestly replied that I turned him down, though not because he was old; but I do expect new flatmates to introduce themselves and show us that they’re nice people to live with. After all, this is about sharing your flat.
The guy wrote back that he might not be interested in sharing his life whith the people on first contact. And that my email address suits me (averell at newgods, what the hell?).
Well, it’s his privilege not to share his life whith anyone. But I’m amazed that he expects people to share their living space with him if he doesn’t even want to introduce himself in a nice way (after all, three lines would have been enough…)

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