Design by democracy?

The Spreadshirt web shop (which is the online T-Shirt printing service, where the Seniorentanztee shop is hosted) is looking for a new corporate identity.
This reminds me of the Wikipedia logo contest. I guess this was supposed to be a grass-democratic Web 2.0 type thingie. But take a look at the finalist entries. And then see the crappy logo that was actually chosen. The only nice thing about is it that is probably the one that makes the greatest number of people only slightly unhappy. Wow, I’m so underwhelmed. (I take that back. I’m not underwhelmed. I think the Wikipedia logo is an abomination.)

The Spreadshirt “open” contest may actually work for the sole reason that there won’t be a public election of the winner. Spreadshirt will select a design for themselves, and I bet it won’t be something like this (yuk!).
The whole point is: Design is not a democratic process. Taste cannot be decided upon by majority votes. It’s an individualistic thing, both in the making and in use.

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