Analog Photography

And of course they claim that digital is the wave of the future, that nobody develops on B&W anymore, and that only “college students taking pictures of bikes in puddles” are going to miss it.

Granted, digital is the wave of the future. I’ll be going a digital SLR anytime soon – but I’d still be developing on B&W, if I had the time. I also own a watch that doesn’t contain a single electronical component.
The fact is, people like mechanical and “handmade” things excatly because so much plastic-thrashy-indefinitely-copyabel-digital stuff out there. They crave for something real.
Granted, I’m biased because I’m one of the elite few still into B&W. But consider this: Almost everyone I know owns a digicam. At each social event, enough pictures are taken to spam your friends until hell froze over thrice. Still, I can’t remember that one of these digital pictures has ever been printed and put up on a wall.

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