Great Uglyness

The “Seilerei” is (from what I’ve heard) a quite good restaurant in Karlsruhe. I’ve not been there, but as far as I’ve seen from passing by, they even have a nice interior. Now I’ve found they also have one of the worst web sites imaginable, complete with ugly photos.
Even worse, they obviously paid someone for the hideous thing. How can one actually go and pay a web agency who’s not even able to come up with a decent web site themselves? (Oh, and take a look at the comments on that page. I’ve not figured out if they’re all ironic, or if the people really think the site is beautiful…)

One thought on “Great Uglyness

  1. Barf … that hurts. Especially if you have been there to eat and know that it is (or least it was about two years ago … 😉 one of Karlsruhes really very good restaurants.
    But this web site just does not go together with the italian style food they used to serve, maybe they hit the bottom in that department as well and serve “Käsespätzle” now?


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