In Memoriam

My mother
I’ve got a new girlfriend, but I will never introduce her to my mother. I’ve got a new job, but she will never know. My mother is dead.
If I’m honest, I don’t exactly know what to put here. I’m not a fan of only talking about “nice” things, and brush over the unpleasant experiences. On the other hand, I’m not going to spill my heart in public. And I certainly don’t want to put the usual sermon.

So, what can I say about my mother? Or, do I need to say anything at all? I could go on about the issues we had, and how they were resolved. I could point out that we were getting along well, though we weren’t always close. I could go on about our good and bad times. Or about how surreal the funeral was. How she’s missing from a lot of lives now.
All of this is important, but somehow it’d seem a little out of place here. What I can say is that, when I last saw my mother, she was entering a new part of her life. She was optimistic about it, and full of plans. All of those have been preempted. When I got to the funeral, there were lots of friends. One flew in from another continent. Even my father came, after the divorce, silently, to say goodbye.
I guess that says a lot about her.
For me there’s a lot to remember, and a lot to think about. But in this place, the only thing that I can possibly do is to say goodbye.
And that it is.
Goodbye Mom.

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  1. And before someone gets too worried: I’m actually doing well at the moment. I had the support I needed, and I’m grateful for all the help I got. But my life isn’t just clouds and rain. The main reason why I put up this article was because I felt it was something I had to do before moving to happier topics. Which I will shortly.

    (For obvious reasons, further comments on this article are DISABLED. There’s no point in trying to use the form below…)


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