Today my mobile rang. As I picked up, I heard the music playing. The next thing was a voice, telling me: “Hi, I’m Max from Vodafone, and we have…”. This was a tape recording, mind you.

It seems that mobile phone companies buy their marketing plan from some sleazy car salesperson. Not only did they set Max on me, they also kept sending me text messages with advertisements. I was even woken on 9am on a Saturday to ask me if I needed a “partner card”. They seem to operate under the assumption that it must be really cool to have a little device in your pocket, which constantly beeps and rings to remind you of new ads.
I guess I should be happy that the phone doesn’t ask me to supersize my calls and take fries with them. But then, the next generation may do – Sonja’s phone already has a zillion customized buttons, each of which calls a chargeable internet service.
Trying to piss off one’s customers seems a new pasttime for larger companies. My bank also does it: Every new customer care guy will call me about “something urgent”. Then he tries to boost his personal statistics by trying to sell me an insurance. They must be really desperate to get rid of me; I’ll do them the favour.
My phone episode ended with me calling the customer service and harassing the poor girl, until she promised to stop Max from ever calling me again. I hope it helps. I should also work on my agressiveness – I’m simply too nice for that kind of things.

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