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You remember what we learned about email in Microserfs?

Typically, everybody has about a 40-percent immediate cull rate – those pieces of email you delete immediately because of a frivolous tag line. What you read of the remaining 60 percent depends on how much of a life you have. The less of a life, the more mail you read.
I don’t only get a loads of useless emails, I also read severel blogs, a web comic and the news. At least I haven’t gone as far as reading slashdot.

Some still believe it’s possible “having a life, online”. It’s not. All internet socializing is just another form of roleplaying. Fun, but not the real thing. It’s nice to take a break from reality every once in a while, but at the end of the day, life isn’t virtual. People like to forget that.

The frightning part starts where people take an escape from reality, and take it seriously. Look at those “social networking tools”: The next big thing, and a waste of time. Spending your time on “social networking” ensures you’re not spending it with people. Even getting your hair cut is more social.
So get up, get out and meet with your friends. In a real cafe, for example. I, on the other hand, will return to my email.
P.S.: Here’s another Microserf quote for you:

The cool thing with e-mail is that when you send it, there’s no possibility of connecting with the person on the other end. It’s better than phone awnsering machines, because with them, the person on the other line might actually pick up the phone and you might have to talk.

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  2. I beg to differ: Slashdot is a pretty good news source nowadays; I read it daily, and I’m not a geek! Besides, real geeks read and post comments on other people’s blogs and .. oh wait


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