When I bought some fancy new clothes lately, people started asking: “Were’d you get this?” Then I realized that everybody and their grandmothers can get the same shirts as I.

The fact is that, since the industrial revolution, almost everything we get is mass-produced. This isn’t neccessarily bad, but there still seems to be a need for the unique and special.

There’s a certain satisfaction in having items, especially clothes, which nobody else can get. Second-hand also lives off this fascination: “Classics” are often mass-products which are out of fashion (or out of production), and therefore scarce. My new bag from ehrenwert.com is great, partly because it’s from a small workshop that most people haven’t even heard about. It gives you an elitist feeling. A Freitag bag, for example, would not only haven been thrice as expensive, but everyone has one already. How boring is that?
My most special personal possession are probably my bed, which has been custom-made for my size (and wasn’t even expensive) and some pyjamas made by my mother. The latter are, let’s say, rather playfully ornamented. I only ever wear them when I’m sick. But they’re still cool in that nobody else has pyjamas like that.

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