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Dancing class started again tonight. Based on that experience, I decided to publish some geekoid fashion tips by your half-uncool host. It seems that this topic has been hot recently.

  • T-Shirts issued by your sports club should be used for sports. Only.
  • Chequered shirts: This cliche is so old that I don’t even know where to start. For some reason, they never die out.
  • Avoid shirts that come in triple-packs.
  • No cartoons on socks.
  • T-Shirts with mathematical symbols, greek letters or program code should not be worn in public.
  • If it is washed out, get a new one.
  • Do not wear white T-Shirts on pale skin.
  • Glasses: Prescription frames are not recommended. If you can’t get something fashionable, get contact lenses.
  • Sun glasses should be worn in the sun. Never use them because you think they make you look cooler.
  • Consider getting a professional haircut.

3 thoughts on “Geek Chic

  1. You forgot about the white socks, the white sports shoes, the ugly jeans whith an prehistoric belt etc.

    Also not advised is to wear ‘cool’ hip-hop stuff. If hip-hop ever was cool, it is definitely not cool to dress like some gangsta rappa.

    Oh, and btw. what makes you think that geeks go dancing? I mean, if a geek gets social, will he still be a geek?


  2. It should be forbidden for geeks to chose their own clothes. Look at my colleagues today! It is the geeks-wear-formal-clothes-horror-show.

    Especially, it should be forbidden to wear ties!


  3. I remember a day in the past where M took you shopping for complete set of new clothes because all you old staff didn’t fulfill her standards or something like that ….


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