The Moon

I don’t have television at home. But at my father’s place I still enjoy the possibility to select freely from 32 channels of trash. One night, over the easter holidays, I tuned in to a “moon hoax” documentary. At first I thought it was a subtitled re-run of an old documentary, where conspiracy theorists showed pseudo-evidence that the moon landings were faked.

But here was the real thing: Henry Kissinger and Donald Rumsfeld spoke freely about how Stanley Kubrick faked the moon pictures. They had photo evidence, and interviews with high-ranking CIA employees. Witnesses tell us about the CIA’s campaign to eliminate all surviving actors. To that end the 6th fleet, 150.000 soldiers in total, was dispatched to Vietnam. The deaths were arranged as accidents; the wife of an actor was found dismembered in a pool in Patagonia: Suicide.
Sounds convincing? No? In fact, it isn’t. The whole thing was a satire.

The program showed how easily information can be manipulated. It was also an insight into the inner workings of conspiracy theories. I really like conspiracy theories: They are nifty little mind games. But people who believe in them, while still fun, are annoying. True, you can always have a laugh at their cost. But they tend to spread the word, and make your grandmother believe in UFOs.
Believing in the theories requires you to abandon all common sense, wrap you mind around itself and chose idiocy over reason. True believers are immune to logic, and they won’t listen to arguments. If you don’t believe me, search the net.
To give you a good laugh, here are some of the most ridiculous myths collected for you:
  • The moon hoax. One of the weaker ones, it was quickly debunked.
    On the other hand, new new compelling evidence has just surfaced.
  • If you want a good collection of silly theories: According to, everything is a hoax: terrorism, the cold war, vaccinations, AIDS, pharmaceutical drugs. Of course they also believe that the world is run by Illuminati with mind control techniques.
  • “Alternative” medical theories: Vaccinations do not work because germs don’t cause disease. Instead they claim that diseases come from “toxemia” (excess toxic waste) and, ahem, “spinal misalignment”. (Warning: believing in such theories may kill you).
  • Evolution never happened and everything was created by god (or whoever else was around at that time). This theory is especially popular with religious nuts in the US.
  • There could be many more entries in this list, but I don’t have the time to dig them all up.

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