It’s done, or at least almost. I printed out my thesis, which will now be bound and delivered to my prof. One more presentation and a demo, and I can call myself Diplominformatiker. Finally.

The final phase consisted of two days of typical deadline frenzy, and right now I’m slowly returning to normal. I guess this is the proper time to get a little sentimental, and finish the part that didn’t make it into the thesis: Thanks to everyone who supported me.

Here we go: Thanks to my dad, who not only paid for the show, but did a lot of things that allowed me to get to where I am today. To Prof. Hanebeck and Fred for supervising the thesis (I hope they’ll also come up with a good grade ;-). To Oli, Patrick, Didi and the other folks at the department for their creative input, and not minding to be told to shut up. To Uli, Betti and David for their proof-reading and comments. To all proof-readers for a lot of commas. In particular to Betti for the food, and to Uli for loads of C++ advice. To my brother for being around and sending me cool pictures. To Gerhard and my other flatmates for tolerating me being sloppy with the cleaning and other stuff.
To everyone for moral support and puttig up with me being more weird than usual. Is that all? I guess not, but if I figure I forgot someone I can always come back and re-edit.
The bottom line is this: I could have done it on my own, but it wouldn’t have worked nearly as well. When I saw other people finishing their thesis, I didn’t think there was a need to be under a lot of stress. Still, when it came to it, I was touchy. In that situation I really appreciated those little gestures, even if I didn’t always show it and even if it wasn’t a big deal for the other person.
I hope you’re all feeling warm and fuzzy inside now. I guess you deserve it.

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