Sonja says I’m critical. I guess I should take that as a compliment. It’s much more fun being critical than being indifferent. And hey, I’ve even said nice things, about my friends and about this. But today, I’ll try to stay with the critical mood.

Patrick already told the world that we saw the Mediengruppe Telekommander at Friday night’s party. What he didn’t tell you was that they do some kind of underground electro punk-rock-something. With an, uh, message, I think. If you are sincerely interested you can get the mp3 from their homepage. They also played exactly the same stuff as the last time we’d seen them. The only improvement was that there were more people around, and they were in a better mood. Apart from the “Telekommander” song, the best thing about them is the Shirts. To bad they don’t seem to be selling them online.

These electronic music parties here are really a bit like going to the sneak preview in your favorite cinema: Sometimes you get unexpected gems, like Spillsbury (which is, bascically, Nena on acid), but at other times something questionable comes up on stage.
The Vortex/social clubbing night wasn’t exactly my music, although the idea was good. The biggest problem seemed to be the lack of a real crowd – a common problem with new events in Karlsruhe. They even got a visual artist, on which I can’t comment, since I’m somewhat biased. For my taste they also overdid the volume, but were kind enough to sell earplugs from the bar.
All this reminds me that Patrick has scheduled the next Seniorentanztee for the 6th of May. T-Shirts will be available within the century.

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