I finally got around to reading the newest Harry Potter. The funny thing is that, now that I’m writing this, I feel like I have to justify myself. Reading Harry Potter is like watching talk shows and daily soaps: Everybody does it, but you don’t talk about it in public.

In fact there’s nothing wrong with Harry. The book isn’t worse than a Star Wars movie, for example. A simple, entertaining adventure story. This is a book I’d have love when I was thirteen, but now I wouldn’t miss anything if it didn’t exist. I just keep reading on because I have to know how the story ends.
Recommendations are useless with the this book. Everybody has already read it, and those who didn’t aren’t very likely to start now. But if you’d like something different in the “boy becomes magician” department, you should probably pick up the Books of Magic. It’s a comic book and it’s a little more grown up, more phantastic and more magical.
If I had kids I’d also get something by Astrid Lindgren on the way. When I think back to her characters, poor Harry Potter is still outclassed.

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