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It’s nice to see that that I found something that touches people emotionally. But don’t worry, there won’t be any more slandering of innocent herb grinders. Instead, due to popular demand and because I promised, here’s what I think is needful kitchen equipment. Oh, since I’m not an experienced chef, please don’t use this as your shopping list.

First thing: a stove. I prefer gas over electricity – it’s easier to use and you’ll get away with cheap pots and pans. I promise it won’t explode or burn your house down (at least here in Germany). As far as ovens go, you have more options with an electrical one, but I don’t do much baking anyway. Then, the pan. I like a good pan, which means I must not be afraid of damaging it. We have an old, heavy pan that can be heated as high as it goes and takes any kind of abuse. I really like it. Since you won’t get very very far without chopping things up, you’ll need knives. While one doesn’t need to obsess about it, a good knive makes cooking more fun. Good means sharp. And you’ll need a carving board to use them on, of course.
I love pasta, so I need a large pot to cook them in. Size matters, in this case. If you like some wine with your pasta, be sure to have a corkscrew ready. The best ones are those with a wire spiral, if you want to be fancy get a teflon-coated one. I never saw the use for one with a complicated mechanic. Tin openers fall in the same category, we’re still using our “Krieger” one. I guess that it works just as good as any other, but again, most people’ll tell you that the simplest work best. I could add some salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamico to the list, but as my obsession with kitchen equipment only goes so far, I’ll let you figure out the rest for yourselves.

4 thoughts on “More kitchen stuff

  1. Ok, now that we have our basic kitchen equipment, how about you give us some yummy recipes? I think you missed a small pot for sauces by the way. And if you need sharp knives a sharpener is essential. (A basic one does the trick, but you can also of course buy a gizmoid sharpening station ;-))


  2. Thanks, I was too lazy to browse your page 😦

    But I still think it might be nicer to post them on the blog so people can give their piece of salt, and maybe also rate them. What do You think ?


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