It’s a hype. I’m doing it, too. As is everybody else, or at least almost everybody I know. Climbing is becoming so hip and trendy that it will soon be hip and trendy not to climb. There’s no denying it: I’m going with the masses and do a trend sport. I can’t even excuse myself by saying that I was among the first: While I’ve been attracted to the idea of climbing for a long time, I’d never have actually started it if it weren’t for all the others. And why? Did I simply succumb to peer pressure, or did I have nothing better to do? No, that’s not quite it.

I was one of those unathletic kids, who always get picked last for teams at school and it’s quite a revelation to have any physical strength at all. A unsporty guy like me is also appealed by the fact that climbing is uncompetetive, that there is no opponent. Sure, it is possible to do better than someone else, but the task is to solve the problem in your own, personal way. When you do that, you succeed. In that respect climbing is like programming, which may explain it’s appeal to computer people.
There are other things that attract me to climbing, such as being able to do it outdoors, having an element of teamwork and the possibility to overcome your fears. But for me, one of the best parts is the ability to go where other people cannot. I don’t only climb to get up the wall, I climb to get to the place at the top. I’ve always been fascinated by places that are inaccessible in some way and really enjoy the feeling of being in a place where mundane pedestrians cannot go. When I discovered that in our favorite climbing area the rocks can be easily accessed by tourists from the other side, I felt a little cheated. That’s climbing for me.

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