How the new year started

“It’s about 12 pm now, and the ultimatum for the old year is expiring this very minutes. For a live report we’re now switching to our correspondent in the south town. Hello?”

“Hello. As you can see, the fighting is now quite intense, now that the ultimatum has expired. Behind me, you can see heavy rocket fire all over this part of the town, and hear the sound of the explosives.” (In the background, rockets are rising into the air and exploding in bursts of flame, while more earth-bound fireworks explode in a quick staccato)

“These are pictures from earlier today, and here you can actually see small children handling minor explosive charges. The majority of the population was still holding back, however, although we’ve had reports that many households have built stockpiles of explosives. (Picture is back on the correspondet, small fireballs are screeching by in the background).
“The situation has become more tense throughout the night, and it is now quite dangerous for us to …” (ducks for cover, as a bright red-and-green star passes only centimeters from his head) “…be out on the street.” (In the background, a sound very much like automatic gun fire can be heard) “What you can hear in the background are bundled charges, known for their devastating effect. The athmosphere is becoming more heated now, and many of the press corps are now falling back towards the building.”
(In the background, a woman can be seen throwing a cracker towards the camera, which is exploding only secondes later. Everybody’s taking cover) “We’re under fire here, and I fear that we must retreat now to…” (Running and shaking, then a loud boom. The camera is falling down, keeps transmitting images of colorful explosions for a while, then turns black)
“Hello? Hello? Are you still with us? I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but it seems that we’ve lost the connection to our correspondent. We’ll keep you briefed on any events, and wish you a happy new year.”

2 thoughts on “How the new year started

  1. Well yes actually it was quite dangerous out there and we were rather lucky noone was hurt ….

    Except my head – that still hurts or rather again ….


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