Need a hug?

There’s something about my geek friends which I usually only notice when I’m not with them: Many are quite reserved about physical contatct. When I was with my brother’s friends over christmas, I found that I was soon hugging everybody and their grandmothers (well, not literally) – not out of a sudden need, but simply because everybody was doing it. With the computing people, hugs are usually reserved for special occasions (like birthdays or so). Of course this characterization is quite broad, and not very represantive. It also falls short of the mark in many respects, for I do classfiy my friends as warm and caring, not emotionally lacking. Still, the general culture is to avoid pubic expressions of emotion and to my experience this trait is more pronouced in geekoid circles than in many other parts of society. I’ll refrain from a philosophical discussion of this noteworthy fact, though, and leave it open to discussion.


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