Did you like christmas?

Well. Now. It’s over. The feast is done, and tomorrow the train will take me back home. And what was it all about? As a kid, it was quite simple: Christmas was about the presents. Everything else was optional. And today? I’m able to buy my own stuff now, so getting presents isn’t that important any more. And although I like giving out presents, I didn’t really enjoy being forced to shop for them – the collection I gave out this year wasn’t particularly creative. I don’t usually exchange christmas presents with my friends, though they’d all really deserved some. Neither did I have the nerve to send out christmas cards to everybody – unlike my brother, who makes quite elaborate ones every year. I’ll do some “post-christmas-happy-new-year” mails when I’m back home, and that will be it. However, I have this page now which is of course open to post-christmas comments 😉

What else is christmas? The food? I was lucky enough to avoid the annual gluttony – we had the inevitable christmas bird, but apart from that most meals were light and informal, including the traditional potato salad and sausages on christmas eve. As an avowed agnostic I don’t care much for the christian aspect either, and I haven’t been to church at christmas during in the past few years.

When I was talking to people in the pre-christmas time, one of the most frequent things I heard was how stressed they were, that the present shopping wasn’t complete and how nice it would be to get away from it all. In the end, very few actually do so – either because they still enjoy christmas after all or because it’s still better to be stuck with one’s relatives than to be stuck alone. The only thing that seems to be true for everybody is that christmas really is a family feast, and the enjoyment of it is directly linked to how well you get along with your family.
But before I get all philosophical here let me tell you that, although christmas wasn’t as tranquil as I expected, there were still enough good points in it: Getting unexpected presents, meeting my sister again after two years, making cookies with Uli and Betti and meeting people whom I liked. I don’t know how your christmas was, but I hope it gave you something more than presents and cookies. (Oh, and if you really want to know what I got for christmas you have to ask me personally 😉

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