The worst of the worst

When writing the last entry about movies and intellectual worthyness, I again remembered the most pathetical piece of kitsch I’ve seen so far, a movie called “Ein Schiff wird kommen“. I saw this botch in a Sneak Preview: The plot is simply to confusing to recount here. The directory probably wanted to tackle every concievable problem on the planet in one hour: Child traffikcing, drugs, prostitution, you name it. To make things worse, he also tried to add some mythical component by having the main protagonist picking a live chick from his box of eggs and such things.

The experience was truly a horror to behold, but the worst of the worst happened after the lights went back on: Some women in the row behind us started talking about how she liked the film. “You know, that was really amazing. How they would only hint at things without showing them…”

I’m a believer in the theory that, when we are confronted with nonsense, our brain tries to give it sense. This woman had not only found sense, she found a meaning. It was unnerving to have a pile of junk poured over oneself, realizing that it is junk. It is horrific to see someone go through the same ordeal convinced that it is a profound act of art.

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